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I’m Adam Clark – welcome to my photography website.

I am a professional photographer, who likes to share ideas and tips on all things photography related. I have a record of turning amateur photographers into professionals – the easy way – with amazing short cuts.

I’m always willing to hear from my readers about what they would like to see more of.

Here is an idea of what you can expect from this site, followed by some more detailed information below :

  • How to start a photography business easily which will generate quick profits.
  • How to make quick, easy, money part-time with your camera or your photos.
  • Best digital cameras reviewed.
  • Best photography related home study courses & guides reviewed – taking your photography to the next level.
  • Photography Articles that will improve your all round photography knowledge.

Let’s delve a little bit deeper :

How to Start a Photography Business / How to Make Quick & Easy Money in Photography

I’ve been asked several times over the years about what people need to do to start a photography business. Here are some of the typical questions :

  • How easy is it ?
  • What are the pit-falls of a photography business ?
  • What are the ways to make money as a photographer ?
  • How can I start-up quickly and easily ?
  • What true photography business models are there ?

I currently have 5 articles in the series and this will be expanded in the next few weeks (click on the blue links to go straight to the article).

Part 1 – Introduction to Your Photography Business

  • Here I look at the mind-set you need to be a photographer.
  • Where the best place to start is.
  • Why you don’t need professional equipment to start.
  • Other introductory considerations.

Part 2 – Objectives & Goals

  • Setting goals is crucial to success – but which ones to set.
  • What questions to ask yourself.
  • Breaking the goals down.

Part 3 – Selling Your Photos (This is a quick and easy method for making money !!)

  • Which type of Newspapers and Magazines will get best results.
  • Why local newspapers can kick-start your career.
  • On-line photo stockist options.

Part 4 – Greetings Card Photography

  • How to start in this untapped photography niche.
  • Why it’s an ‘all year round business’.
  • What you need to consider to project manage a successful card photography business.

Part 5 – Portrait Photography

  • Why portrait photography is an expanding market.
  • Equipment needed to be successful (it’s not a lot).
  • How to set up your portraits (models) on the day.
  • How portrait photography joint ventures can do the marketing for you.
  • Professional modelling photography – the next level.

Part 6 – Wedding Photography – COMING SOON

Best Digital Camera Reviews

In this section of my web-site I review some of the best cameras on the market. Here I look at simple ‘point and shoot’ budget models, right the way through to professional performing cameras, all at affordable prices.

Best Home Study Photography Courses

There are a lot of good photography related courses on the market at the moment. I’ve reviewed some of the best :

Trick Photography and Special Effects Review

In this review, I completely dissect Evan Sharboneau’s fantastic trick photography video course. This is bar far the best course I have ever seen on trick photography – and’s it’s on video, so it makes following along so easy.

Photography Articles

Many people take the new world of digital photography for granted. In my photography articles section, I look at the history of photography, where I give a brief overview of the painstaking setting up of the early years, to the point and shoot digital cameras of today.

Next I consider at the pros and cons of film photography against digital photography. There are benefits of both methods and I certainly still use film in my work.

Then I have an article on the introduction to digital photography and another on the basics of digital cameras – where I discuss mega pixels, shutter speeds, Aperture, ISO and photo storage.

Bringing things up to date, I look at the best of today’s market and discuss Cameras on Mobiles vs. Traditional Cameras.


As you can see, on this site you will find a number of really cool articles and I am expanding the content on a weekly basis. If you want to be informed of when I post a new article, then please submit your email address in the box on the right, and you will receive a notification as soon as I publish something fresh.

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